Mummy’s Birthday

I know how much my Mum hates it when I come home really late from training every Monday and Wednesday. There’s really nothing material that I can give her on her birthday, so I decided not to go for training, and to spend some time with her and the rest of the family on her birthday. My Mummy is young! She’s only 46, and she looks like she’s in her 30s! I hope will maintain my youthful looks when I’m in my 40s too!

We had dinner at Chat Masala Too. Indian food so that my grandparents could eat too. I don’t think my grandparents can appreciate anything more than Indian food, which they have every day! Chat Masala Too is located at Greenwood Avenue, along the same stretch as the famous Lana’s Cake Shop, Shin Yuu Japanese Restaurant and Greenwood Fish Market (I heard the Fish & Chips there is awesome!).

When I arrived, I was pretty taken aback, as I guess I was picturing something more authentic. However, the place looked like every other restaurant around it. Nothing looked Indian, not even the waiters. However, when the food was served, it was really authentic Indian cuisine. So good, even my grandparents gave the thumbs up!

We ordered about 8 dishes in total (some not shown here). I can’t do without tandoori chicken! This is just about the best tandoori chicken I’ve tasted. Tender, succulent, smokey. Perfect. Out of all the dishes, I would recommend the tandoori chicken, cauliflower and the chickpeas curry. Really amazing food! (:

We had dessert (there goes my diet!) as usual. Crispy banana roll with vanilla ice cream, coffee kulfi, Bailey’s kulfi, strawberry mojito and lychee maguerita. The coffee kulfi, which is ice cream, is also excellent! The rich aroma of coffee… Oh so good! Heaven in a cup for coffee lovers indeed! I decided to also eat the Bailey’s kulfi with hot coffee. Self-made affogato. Every one at the table thought it was genius! Hehe.

I’m glad Mummy enjoyed her day out with the family. She was even able to get my brother out of Tekong. HAH! A mother’s love ❤

Happy birthday! (:

Now back to some more mugging. I am so tired and my body is soooo sore from yesterday’s workout at Woodlands Stadium. The upcoming photoshoot for Muay Thai is totally motivating me. HAHAHA. Going to be in sports bra and Muay Thai shorts. Time to train even harder.

Go hard or go home.



Mummy’s Birthday

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