2 Photoshoots

Had 2 photoshoots today. One in the morning with my Muay Thai Exco! I love them all, especially my 2 Woodlands girls (: We did some really epic shots at Fort Canning and some really ridiculous ones. Of course the girls were camwhoring 😀


I rushed off earlier for another shoot with Whimsical Wants.

Haha! The vintage-looking dress that’s coming up soon (:

Ok, I’m in a very good mood today. It’s been a good day, despite me pulling my right hamstring during my very first 100m sprint at the stadium ): However, I still managed some pull ups, burpees, ankles to bar (my first one I went too fast and hit my shin against the pull up bar. OUCH.), frog jumps up the stadium steps and lunges! I hope this pull is just a minor one. I want to be back at Muay Thai trainings on Monday and Wednesday! I miss it after a week of not going ):

I’m also happy despite this horrible pain in my stomach that appeared after our dinner at Botak Jones’. Can’t be the food, can it? Oh well…

It’s 2am! I really should sleep. But I have this thing about leaving my phone to charge overnight… Oh c’mon iPhone!



2 Photoshoots

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