And so I lie awake…

I’m not exactly having the best couple of weeks. First was Milo and his leg. My poor dog has osteoarthritis and he probably will never not limp for the rest of his life. Then was the whole grandma issue. I really can’t understand how anyone can be so irresponsible… Sometimes I wish I could see just one good thing in him, but I simply can’t. 

And today, the moment I got back, my Mum told me that Cosmo’s in the hospital right very minute and is due for an operation in the morning. Can anyone tell me how this week can get worse? Really… I’m tired. I’ve been trying to cheer myself up all week, and I’m tired of doing that too. I’m not sure if I’m PMS-ing but I just feel so emotional now. It’s just been up and down the past few days.


A heavy heart and unspoken words…

And so I lie awake…

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