14 weeks

Tomorrow marks the start of the exam week! I should seriously do some proper planning next time. I have 2 papers tomorrow, one at 830am and another at 7pm. The bright side? My last paper is on the 6th of December, so I’ve got lots of time to study for that one! 

Totally dying with Marketing Research now. No mood to study anymore. Been cramming like crazy for the past week. Been reaching school before 8am every day and studying till about 10pm. This is really tiring. And sitting down the whole day makes me feel like shit, so I’ve been exercising at about 11pm at night. EAT STUDY WORKOUT SLEEP REPEAT.


I can’t wait for tomorrow to be over! Looking forward to the holidays. I can finally spend time with my family again. I haven’t seen them in a while and I really miss spending Sundays at my grandma’s place with the whole family. 

Then there’s the BKK trip at the end of the year with Dj to look forward to as well! Will be counting down to the new year in the City of Angels 🙂 Still in a little bit of disbelief that my mum is letting more go! 


Alright, back to studying! 



14 weeks

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