Christmas 2012

It’s the most wonderful time of the year
There’ll be much mistltoeing
And hearts will be glowing
When love ones are near
It’s the most wonderful time of the year~

It truly is! And it was a perfect day, if there ever was one.
Went for midnight mass with my brother. We learn something new every time from Father Terence. This year, we learnt how the Christmas tree came about! I guess I never really thought about it.

This year, St. Anthony’s is decorated with green trees, including a single Christmas tree. Father Terence likened that single Christmas tree with how much distractions we have in life, with all the lights and the decorations, unlike the trees in the hall, which are bare, and only with their green leaves. Think about it…
Let’s not lose the true meaning of Christmas. As Father Terence said, before we make any toast on Christmas, make one to Jesus, and mean it 🙂 Cheers to Jesus!

After mass, we went home and cleaned up the house. Seriously, Aunty Jasmin really really chose the right time to go home! Haha. We’ve been sleeping at 3am the past 4 days preparing for Christmas. I guess Christmas is that big of a deal for the family. Woke up early to start cooking our leek and broccoli soup and to bake our ham with nut and dried fruit stuffing. All this cooking and baking sure is tiring! But it’s definitely worth it when people really enjoy what you made.


 Peanut butter and jelly thumbprints – the perfect pairing


 Rum balls – extremely boozy

I’m particularly proud of the 2 cookies above. Everyone loved them! They were both quite a bit of effort but they are definitely worth the effort 🙂
I am seriously considering going into professional baking once I graduate from SMU, and after a few years of work. Le Cordon Bleu, here I come!

We feasted, lunch, tea and dinner! I skipped dinner and went for dessert of course. There’s always room for dessert. Anyway, was so stuffed I could hardly breathe. HAHA! It’s a morning workout for me. And I’m not making the mistake of weighing myself. I shall give my body a few days to get back into shape!

After dinner, I went over to Dj’s place. It’s been a while since I’ve seen him. Still handsome as usual. Hahaha 🙂 I got him a laptop sleeve and a passport holder as a gift. I think I’m pretty thoughtful. I searched high and low for the passport holder and finally found one from Herschel after I kind of gave up and was looking for something else! Fate. A passport holder for someone who loves traveling and also for future travels together. And in a few days, it’ll be Bangkok! Lots of shopping and massages! 🙂

It was a great Christmas and I ended the day right too.

Just finished washing the dishes. It’s time to turn in. Then it’s morning workout time! Goodnight.


Christmas 2012

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