Review: Whimsical Wants (Collection 3)

Hi everyone! I’ve just moved from my Blogspot – which I’ve neglected for many months – to WordPress (: How did I come up with the name MaryMaddieRose? It’s the combination of my grandma’s, mine and my mummy’s names!

The past holiday has been an eventful one. I’ve worked hard, trained hard, and have met a whole bunch of wonderful people! School’s about to start in 4 days time. I’m going to enjoy the remaining few days of ‘freedom’ before the stress comes piling on again!

Over this holiday, I’ve had the great privilege of doing some modeling on and off, and I must say that it’s been a great experience, and I’ve learnt to be so much more comfortable in front of the camera. Posing can be awkward at times, especially when you have only a second to think of your next one.

Just last week, I had a shoot with Whimsical Wants and I absolutely love working with them! (: Everyone’s friendly and having fun. I must say that I am absolutely in love with all the clothes, I wish I could have them all. But let’s not be greedy, shall we?

Here are the pieces that I simply adore!

Delilah (Collection 3)

The grecian look is a timeless one, it never goes out of style. At least not for me! I saw this same design selling on other blogshops and was already so tempted to get it. So when I saw this, I just had to have it! Delilah is made out of thick, good quality cotton and is smooth to the touch. The gold braided neckline is classy and flatters the neckline. I love the way the fabric drapes too. Simply cinch the waist with the matching gold ribbon tie to show off your teeny weeny waist and you’re all ready to go!

Kelly (Collection 3)

Mustard has never been the colour for me. This is the first mustard top I own. So I was pleasantly surprised that Kelly actually looked pretty good on me! (: A casual top for school, easy to match with any bottoms. I tried it on many ways (as you can see!) and I think I like the shorts/bandage skirt look best. The top is actually pretty long, so it’s hard to tuck it into shorts, but a bandage skirt is able to hold onto it quite securely, so no worries there! I love the back of this top! The pleats offer such great detail. I wore this to school with my denim shorts, but I was sure to wear an inner tube as it’s sheer chiffon and I’m sure most of us don’t welcome unwanted staring!

Review: Whimsical Wants (Collection 3)

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