Review: Jaylyn (Whimsical Wants – Collection 5)

Whimsical Wants’ Collection 5: Frolicking Good will be launching at 11am. I am excited! I think our photoshoot turned out pretty good and I’m looking forward to the next one already 😀

Here’s one of the must-gets for the upcoming collection.

Jaylyn (Collection 5)

I seem to be wearing more and more bright colours lately! This lovely coral pink halter top is perfect for casual days out, at the same time beating the sweltering Singapore weather. It goes great with shorts or jeans. I, for one, am a shorts girl because shorts and comfortable and it keeps me cool. But I would wear this top with jeans for a dinner date.
I love the halter design too and how its ruched a little at the bust to give that flattering ‘illusion’, if you know what I mean (hehe). Halters are a great option because they flatter your shoulders and you don’t have to worry about them slipping down like some tube tops do. I give this top… 2 thumbs up! 😀

Review: Jaylyn (Whimsical Wants – Collection 5)

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