It kinda sucks to have 3 morning lessons in a row. Lesson learnt. Never bid for morning classes unless absolutely necessary. Fortunately, I only have one lesson a day this semester. Unfortunately, since training starts at 7pm, I have between 12 and 7pm to ‘mug’. I’m no mugger, no matter how hard I try. I wish I could but I just can’t. People mug till they’re stressed, but I’m stressed because I can’t mug! NOOOOO 😦

I got back from training really late.

A cute illustration of Crossfit! I think my favourite is still the kettlebell swings and tyre flips!

I can flip huge ass tyres too!

Yup! That’s me doing some push ups! 🙂


Good news is that the Muay Thai clinics ended today. Means proper training for us seniors. I got trained by Terence today and it was simply… AMAZING! It feels great to finally push myself so hard again. I wanna keep training harder. I miss the feeling of soreness and fatigue associated with a good, challenging workout. It keeps me going and it makes me feel so alive!

I love this. So true.

It’s 2.18am. I’ve got Management of People at Work (MPW) at 3.30pm. Phew, at least I get to sleep in! SMU life is hectic, but I’m blessed to be able to study here!




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