Review: Whimsical Wants skorts (Collection 7)

Yesterday was an entire day out Mummy. We were at Vivocity buying… Mooncakes! All $900 worth of them! (: Can’t wait to indulge in them. The family will be coming over later for dinner followed by mooncakes and tea. Gotta work out twice as hard after!

Now it’s time for another review (:

Another must-have piece from Whimsical Wants that I simply adore. My first pair of skorts! ❤

I wore this ensemble to school just the other day and Cindy said “Someone’s looking pretty today!”.

I love the colour of the skorts. Striking, bold. I usually keep to the conventional denim shorts, black or dark denim, black leggings… In other words, lots of dark colours, which is frankly kind of boring! I decided to pair it with this navy blue top I bought from Bangkok for a contrast, and I think it looks great!

It comes with cute, little buttons all the way down and is elasticized at the back so it would fit most sizes. I also think skorts are perfect because they can be short, but they don’t billow up in the wind, and you can go up escalators without worrying about someone ‘upskirting’ you! For me, the occasional tomboy, that means being able to sit in a less ladylike manner (because we all know that crossing our legs can be tiring too!) 😀

This piece is actually a Topshop-inspired one. So it’s definitely a steal!

Love Whimsical Wants! ❤

Review: Whimsical Wants skorts (Collection 7)

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