Road to Recovery

It’s finally the “end of the week” for me, as my last lesson of the week is on Thursday. I get to sleep in for the day! In the past week, I haven’t slept more than 5 hours or so per day and the fatigue is really getting to me. In addition, this stupid rash is still not going away. I do feel better already, but I still have that perpetual headache, and apparently I look like crap because everyone keeps saying I look so tired! I even push myself to go for training because I hate missing my Muay Thai!

Today, I finally got my iPhone! Yes, I know I’m really outdated. Laggard. Haha! I never really felt the need to get one. But recently, my Nokia (yes, Nokia) has been up to no good. The vibration function doesn’t seem to work when SMSes come in, and people’s voices get all fuzzy over calls. Mummy got me the iPhone under her old number, so I’m changing numbers people! I will now be using 2 numbers!

Off to sleep for me! Tomorrow I’ll be refreshed and rejuvenated, so I can study real hard! A cookout at my place tomorrow! Time to look for a new recipe (:




Road to Recovery

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