Review: Whimsical Wants – Natalya

It’s finally the weekend! Everyone, please give yourselves a break. Sleep more than 8 hours, go out, eat good food (like mooncakes!), meet up with friends, just have fun! 🙂

As I was saying before, I can’t wait for the next collection to be up at Whimsical Wants. I have an unhealthy obsession with clothes. Next post I’ll show you my cupboard. Lucky Mummy included a walk in wardrobe for me when we renovated our place!

Natalya: Wear it in as many ways as you can think of! An extremely versatile piece which is perfect for school, work and play! 

I did say it was extremely versatile!

The beauty of this top is how the straps can be manipulated in different ways. The straps are actually pretty thick, so if you’re not comfortable showing too much shoulder (when you’re going to school or work), you can wear it how I did to school (second pic). Natalya also comes with anti-slip at the bust, so no worries about exposing anything 😛 

I would wear it as a toga when I’m out with friends. I’m a big fan of togas! There’s an added security compared to tubes, so you don’t have to keep pulling up your top which is soooooo unsightly! I twisted the straps to create a thinner toga strap (:

Mint is also a colour I am lacking in my wardrobe. And I think it goes well on most skin colours! Wear this with shorts, jeans or a bandage skirt as I did during the photoshoot. Be create with Natalya! 😀

Other pieces I really liked:

Leyla is cute cute cute!!! I actually happen to like polka dots, but I think my friends think polka dots are too girly for me. While changing into this during the shoot, I came out wearing it as a skirt (I really thought it was a skirt!). But tadah! What a wonderful discovery (:

I love the material of Jessa. Extremely soft and smooth! I love the sunshine yellow, so vibrant! And the braided neckline adds a beautiful detail to this top. Perfect for casual days (:

Sigh… Too many pieces I like. Haha!

Whimsical Wants Collection 9: Enchant Me

Monday, 12 September at 8pm. Be there! (:



Review: Whimsical Wants – Natalya

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