FINALLY got to go bouldering yestreday! We’ve been planning to do this for the longest time, yet we never really got to it as something always got in the way. But finally! Off to Yishun Safra we went, a long walk in the drizzle from Yishun MRT. It was a terribly cold day ):

We got quite lost looking for the boulder gym. We were under the impression that it was a stand-alone building.

The aircon was really at full blast!

Second floor of the boulder gym.

Our first attempt at bouldering! 😀

He’s pretty good at it (:

Just hanging around! Hehe 😛

I told myself that I’d join SMU’s Climb Team next year after I ‘retire’ from the Muay Thai Fight Team. It’s really fun, although my forearms and fingers were sore after the session. I love a good challenge! My AdiZero… Probably not the best shoe for bouldering. I gotta get myself some climbers’ shoes when I start climbing more often! I want to try the high wall too. I think I’d prefer that. I’m not afraid of heights, I’m just not so fond of falling off the boulder and onto the padded ground. I’m afraid I’d fall wrongly and hurt myself! ):

It’s already 3:57am. Up studying for my Marketing 101 quiz this Tuesday. SIGH! It sucks when the only time you can study productively is after everyone goes to bed! This is so bad for my health ):


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