I’m Blue

Today was back to Muay Thai after a week of missing training. School’s getting so hectic, or rather, I care to care more this year. I’ve got motivation to study harder.

But I still feel a little upset. Maybe I’m beating myself up too much. Exams, projects, training… It’s not so easy to juggle. I guess I’ve never been so much of the studying kind, just that I somehow always managed to do well enough.

To make matters worse, I feel like I’m having stomach problems again. And indigestion today after having the Thai food from Koufu. I really suffered at training with my stomach and hamstring hurting. That really sucks. I don’t know if I should go to Crossfit Hub tomorrow after school. I will be so mentally shag after lessons from 8.30am to 11.45am, then meeting at 12pm and another one at 3.30pm.

I have that Muay Thai photoshoot this Sunday as well and I want to look good.


I’m not saying I don’t think I look good, but I’m definitely not looking my best now. I feel like I’ve not been taking care of myself so well these few days. Oh well…

I need something to cheer me up now. EMO. But I know I will feel better soon after my daily prayers. Goodnight. Tomorrow will be a better day…

I’m Blue

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