Day Off

Today was my Business Processes (BP) presentation. I am soooo glad that this project is over. Although I wouldn’t say that it’s the worst group I’ve worked with, I’d say that it was one in which I had much more responsibility. The accumulation of work and having to write and edit the report was such a pain. But hey! It’s over! So hooray! Time to move on to other obstacles.

In the past 2 days, I’ve had a total of about 7 hours of sleep, which has been really detrimental. I feel so crappy and cranky because I’m so tired. I am not used to sleeping so little because in my first year, I never quite bothered with staying up and doing assignments or preparing for class. Instead, once my bedtime came, I usually went straight to bed. In addition, I didn’t have these horrible 3 in a row days of morning classes which suck so badly. I’m never bidding for 2 consecutive days of morning classes ever again, even if my friends beg and plead. NOOOOOO. It’s so bad for my health ):

So today, I deserve a break from work.

A nice clean meal of chicken breasts and mixed vegetables.

I get to sleep in the morning. AWESOME!!! And it’s my favourite class tomorrow. Management of People at Work (MPW) by my awesome Professor (: He makes this subject so interesting, so interesting that it makes me want to take a second major in Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource (OBHR) but some people are telling me not to do it because even if you get the highest honours in OBHR, you still earn less compared to someone who got a second lower for finance. Well, I have to something to say about that. What’s the point going into something that you aren’t really interested nor capable in doing, just for the money? I rather do something I’m interested in and know I will do much better in. Maybe it’s just me but I definitely value the experience more than just the rewards.

On a completely different note… Anyway, I’d like to say… That I’m so proud with the shots from the Muay Thai photoshoot! (:

Muay Thai ❤ I don’t know how I can ever stop doing this. It’s back to Hilltop The Gym really soon this coming recess week!

Train hard, strive further. Greatness within. Humble. Strong.

And to the school gym tomorrow I shall go (:

I’ve missed out on trainings and workouts since Saturday due to horrible cramps and the rushing of projects. Now I’ve got some time, I better indulge in some good training which makes me so much happier and so much more confident about myself. I LIKE!

Goodnight you lovely people (: Add oil all the way!



Day Off

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