Train Train Train

Headed to Woodlands Stadium for some hardcore sprints again. Oh man, my legs are so tired now. And tomorrow’s another WOD at Crossfit Hub. I’m gonna be so sore again, I bet. I hope I can still make it to Muay Thai training on Monday, Wednesday and Friday next week.

We had some KFC after. It’s been a long time since we last had KFC. Just some terrible craving for protein after the workout. Sprint sprint sprint!

Met up with the primary school mates at Causeway Point for a little bit. I think we need to organise a proper one during the next holiday. There’s lots of catching up to do!

Everyone looks great! (:

Ok I’m so beat. I’ve packed my closet.

I know.. What a mess!

Alright, am so tired. Gotta rest my body for a crazy workout at noon!

Nighty night!



Train Train Train

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