Best Thai food

Had dinner at Sunshine Plaza yesterday. Was really good food and great company.

The Thai place is called Aroy Dee, which actually translates to ‘yummy’ or ‘delicious’. Indeed the food was yummy and priced really reasonably, although nothing compares to the prices we had back in Phuket over the summer! These 3 dishes cost us $22. There are sizes for the dishes, so we decided to go for a big bowl of their famed seafood tom yum. It was really spicy and sour! Probably the best tom yum we’ve had in Singapore, and better than some we tried in Thailand! I’d definitely recommend the Thai red curry and the vegetables too. They are really generous with their ingredients. The soup was chock full of seafood, mushrooms and other goodies! I’d definitely go back for more tom yum the next time (:

I also found out from Cindy today that the owner of Aroy Dee is actually the owner of Hilltop. Not bad!

Aroy Dee

91 Bencoolen Street, #01-12 , Sunshine Plaza

Well, it’s back to studying for now.
Just found out from my BP prof that he is extending our deadline for the term paper.
GREAT! Means I can dedicate this entire study week to IEA. IEA makes me curse and swear ):
I can’t wait for Saturday. It’ll be studying and then it’s off we go to Kelvin’s house for our Muay Thai BBQ. I hope I can a decent amount of work done by then! Gosh, I can’t wait to just finish that IEA paper. And from next week onwards, I have an extra 0.5 mod starting. Finishing Touch! I’ve done my personality profiling or MBTI, and I’m an ISFJ. I used to be an INTJ in JC. Amazing how we can some experiences can change us, hopefully for the better.
Best Thai food

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