I Wanna Hold Your Hand

People must think we are crazy. We woke up early again on a Sunday to go for another WOD at Crossfit Hub.

“Grace” was our warm up. I’m only at 45% of my bodyweight. I need to go heavier soon. Next time!

Partnered Jensen for the WOD, which was 5 rounds of double unders, burpees, sit ups, squats and pull ups. I think the double unders were the toughest! 1 DU = 3 singles. I can only manage 25 DUs in a row so using some simple calculation… (50-25) x 3 = 75 singles. Hahaha! Not so easy to calculate when you’re so gassed out!

After the WOD, we headed outside for some tyre flipping!


Check out the cool shadow!

After the WOD at CF Hub, we walked around town. I’m proud to say I didn’t buy any more clothes today. I have way too many and it’s really time to clear. I have over 200 articles of clothing in my closet and it’s in a big mess ): I need to sell them… I think I’ve wasted so much money over the past 2 years. The money only dwindles. SAD!

It’s officially the end of the weekends. This coming week I’ve got to devote to studying. I am so thankful for having seminar rooms to study in for the entire week! I used the Muay Thai account to book. Hehe. Welfare. I hope there won’t be too many people cos we all know it’s going to get too noisy and it will no longer be conducive to study in. I need to mug for my IEA and I’ve got a term paper to finish for BP! JIAYOU MADDIE!!!

Morning Marketing 101 meeting then it’s off to train at Hilltop (I don’t care, I’m still going to call it Hilltop!), then back to school again to mug mug mug! I really need to do this!

I Wanna Hold Your Hand

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