The past few days have been so bad in terms of energy level, mood and everything else in general! Boy, am I glad that at least I’ve gotten IEA out of the way!

Tasks at hand:

– MPW submission of appendix for project (Thursday), presentation next Thursday

– BP Term Paper (By next Monday) which is actually due tomorrow and I haven’t started! Prof sent an email saying that though he would prefer us to hand it in by tomorrow, that he will allow us till next Monday to tidy up. In my case… I hope I can finish it by this weekend.

– IEA meeting and group project (yet to start, don’t even know the question!)

– Marketing meeting (hope it’s not during the weekend)

It’s pretty daunting. I am sleep deprived. I slept an hour on Monday morning and I slept four hours on Tuesday morning. Note that I did not say night. That is because I never get to sleep before midnight. Blame my procrastination and my horrible time management skills.

The sleep deprivation is making me cranky, causing my eyelid to seemingly disappear every now and then, making me slightly ill and worst of all, it’s making me feel bloated! Damn you Cortisol! Still, I went for a run today, followed by some “pull ups” and squats at home. I can’t stand being sedentary for more than two days in a row. IT IS DRIVING ME CRAZY. ARGHHHHH! STRESSED.

I really want to blog about the Muay Thai BBQ and all, but I probably have to get back to work now. And I feel really obliged to go for Muay Thai training tomorrow because Mr. President seems angry. I don’t even feel well enough to though ):

I can’t wait for this week to be over. Seriously. I need my life back!


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