8 October Onwards

I finally have some time to blog. No, I haven’t finished my BP term paper yet. In fact I’ve only worked on the outline, which I believe will aid me with efficiency, so here I am! Finally, some decent sleep and I’m feeling much better though my nose is still like a leaky tap. It’ll be off to school soon for MPW, followed by IEA meeting right after.

I shall start with the BBQ last Saturday!

I had been studying at home for my IEA mid terms and so we reached Kelvin’s place pretty late, at about 8.30pm or so. Other than the Ham Chee Peng (first time ever trying this, don’t mock me!) that I had from Dough Culture, I was pretty hungry and looking forward to delicious BBQ food like chicken wings and the likes. But when I arrived, there was hardly anything left ): Ok, maybe it was our fault that we reached like very late… But next time, we definitely need to order more and having excess is always better than having hungry guests! We ended up having KFC, which took an hour and a half to arrive. And it gave me a tummy ache that lasted the night and the following morning! ):

We were then ushered back to Kelvin’s house to play drinking games. But I don’t drink, for the obvious reasons. It’s bad for me, it’s counter to my healthy lifestyle, it in no means makes me happy and worst of all, it tastes really bad! Alcohol is a big no no for me! Not that I never ever drink. But I’ve drunk too much this year in Laos and in Thailand. I think it’s enough for a long time. I realise that the majority of people drink… So I must be special. Hehe! Good girl (:

Anyway, Kelvin lives in such an ulu place. There’s really no public transport nearby. So I really should’ve driven to the BBQ instead of taking the train (the new Circle Line) and then a cab. But I knew I’d probably have to do lots of chauffeuring, and I was tired and it’s not my car (I don’t pay for petrol), and I hadn’t driven in months so I didn’t think it a good idea to do so. By the time we left, it was almost 1am I think? Was so tired and was emo-ing in the cab. Plus, it was raining so heavily… I was wondering why the hell I hadn’t stayed home and studied more instead of attending this BBQ. ARGH! Sorry… I was just really stressed with IEA on my mind perpetually…

So it’s Monday, and I’d slept an hour and was sitting for the mid terms. I don’t know how much the entire week of studying actually helped. The paper was pretty killer. I just hope I did better than most so the bell curve will help me. Then again, how likely is that? SMU students are smart! But thank God it is over now. The next hell thing was MPW. But my group’s pretty cool. One of the better groups I’ve had thus far. I know I used to complain about the efficiency of the group to my friends but now I actually kinda enjoy their company! Yesterday, we had another meeting, and although not efficient, we had fun… I think I really needed that. We were singing all kinds of songs. And there were lots of head-bobbing involved. Some girls who walked past our room even looked in and laughed and pointed at Benji, who was doing something weird at that very moment!

However, yesterday wasn’t such a great day for SMU Muay Thai. I won’t talk about it…I guess I’m still hoping that everything will go back to normal. I’m still trying to recover from this ‘shock’, which has left many of us very upset. Not been a good week thus far at all. I’m just hoping that today will be a good day, and that the weekend will be even better!

8 October Onwards

One thought on “8 October Onwards

  1. Ivy says:

    Sorry about there not being enough food, that’s my fault… x( But thank you so much to you and Chu Wen for coming down, really appreciated the time you took despite having IEA to study. ❤ Jiayou for your BP term paper with Food Emporium 😉

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