Review: Whimsical Wants – Lanelle & Ivana

I’ve been neglecting this blog for awhile now as the crazy project weeks just ended. This is the last week of school, then it’s study break followed by exams in week 15 and week 16.

On Sunday, I traveled down to town to pass my BFF, Cindy her birthday present. She’s such a lovely girl. School wouldn’t be the same without her! ❤

I wore Whimsical Wants‘ Ivana flare skirt. Don’t you think it’s a beauty? (: The colour is more orange than red though! But whatever colour is it, the fabric is fantastic and the cut is flattering and I find that it’s the perfect length! It also comes with the blue ribbon belt which gives a really nice contrast against the orange.

Me at Campus Green. The flower is the same colour as my skirt!

Another thing I like about high waisted skirts is that it actually hides your tummy when you’re having a “fat” day!

This piece is definitely a must-get! Very feminine and it goes well with just about anything. I’m wearing size S and it fits well (I’m UK 4/6 for bottoms!)

Another piece I kept for myself: Lanelle Scallop Tiered top

A very pretty top from the new collection! (:

The colour is slightly cream or off-white, which I really like, as it goes well against tanned skin like mine!

I wore it with a dusty pink sash to school to give the top more colour.

Look at the laser cut design! Very intricate.

The next time I wear this, I’ll probably wear it with the Ivana flare skirt, or with a bandage skirt. Definitely a keeper! (:

Here are my other favourites from the upcoming collection:

Very comfy pair of shorts made of corduroy! Love the fabric and the colour of it (:

Made of super soft chiffon and comes with shoulder pads! I like it!

Super sweet soft pink tube top. Love the criss-cross details at the bust (:

Whimsical Wants will be launching its 15th collection: What Makes You Beautiful, tonight, 9th November, at 8pm! Stay tuned!

And if you haven’t already done so, do LIKE Whimsical Wants‘ page on Facebook and take part in the giveaway quick!



Review: Whimsical Wants – Lanelle & Ivana

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