Seems like forever since I blogged! So many things going on… I don’t even know where to start. But right now, it’s the school holidays and I’m just training like a hardcore and, at the moment, attending the CEI (KAH) course by MOM. It’s a 5 full day course, 9am to 6pm. Fortunately, the lecturer is an interesting old man. Never met anyone so funny at the age of 70! Day 3 of the course was today, 2 more days to go. I’m thinking of “ponning” one day since only 75% attendance is needed for the certificate of participation. I’ll have to sit for the CEI (KAH) with EFMA test at the NTUC Learning Hub soon after. As a KAH, I have to get a minimum of 75% to PASS. Sheesh! And the exam isn’t easy at all! ):

Another big thing: My maid has gone back for 2 weeks. And it hasn’t even been a week yet! AHHH! Been waking up early (6am) to cook breakfast for myself and wash the dishes etc. Oh man, housework ain’t easy! My mum just had to leave for Korea for business on the same day my maid left too! Obviously my brother won’t help me with housework! But thank goodness she’s back already. What a painful 5 days it was!

I’m a little sickly now. Got a flu coming on. I hope it doesn’t get worse when I wake up. Nose is so stuffy. I think Thursday training really pushed me a little too hard. My body can’t take it. Sigh… I really did push myself to my limits. Maybe I’m not ready to get to that level yet. The fight is in January… I have a month left, and I’m terrified!!! This will probably be my last fight… Then I’m retiring from the Fight Team, if I have the heart to. I love Fight Team trainings!

Ok I guess I better sleep now or I’ll aggravate my flu! Goodnight (:

Oh, but before that, check this out: Chocolate Covered Katie

“Healthier” desserts. Hehe!


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