Had training again today. I’m quite happy that training got shifted to Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays instead of Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays as I was able to attend all the trainings and my CEI (KAH) course as well! Ok, maybe not so happy about the Saturdays. Weekends… Please don’t touch my weekends ):

Yesterday was the extra PT session. We ran from SMU to MBS, then to Fort Canning for sprints and pull ups. I couldn’t piggyback anyone, so I decided to sprint up that horrible steep slope 4 times. Sad ): Feel so weak. Sigh… This is called weight disadvantage. Sometimes being light is a curse! Anyway… My entire body has been sore for a few days now, especially my butt and my thighs. My obliques and my lower abs too, and these don’t really become sore so easily!

I’m gonna use tomorrow as a rest day. Will go for the CEI (KAH) course after lunch instead to collect my certificate! Last day 😀 But I have to book my exam… Will probably head down to NTUC building tomorrow after the course to make payment. I don’t understand why they can’t have an online payment option!

I’m getting really tired… Having to do housework as well. Gosh… Today I was feeling not so good after the run to Fort Canning. Have just recovered from flu and a sore throat but I was feeling giddy after the warm up, and I kind of knew that it was gonna be a hard day for me today. But oh well… Gotta keep pushing. No mediocrity. This is one promise I’ve already made to myself.

I shall go to bed early tonight. SO FREAKING TIRED I WANNA SLEEP NAO!!!


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