Review: Whimsical Wants – Tasmine Bow Belt Dress (Puce)

Hi everyone! It feels like forever since I’ve blogged! School’s been hectic this semester, more so than last and I’ve just got into the mugging mode (should’ve started earlier).

Well, over the weekend, we had another photoshoot after a short hiatus from the CNY shoot! That really got my mind off school and as every one knows, clothes really cheer me up! Hehehe.

I decided to keep Tasmine Bow Belt dress for myself. In both colours. Yes, I love this dress that much! 😀 Both Joanne and I received lots of compliments when we wore this lovely dress so I’m glad I got it in both puce and wine.

It’s amazing how my iPhone cover matches the dress! 😛

I’m not wearing the bow belt here because it’s a tiny bit too loose for me! Then again, bows aren’t really my style. But as you can see, it fits perfectly well without a waist belt, although you may want to wear one to more add more detail.

Speaking of detail…

Shoulder tabs with buttons! It adds subtle detail to this simple, colourblock dress.

This dress is back-zipped, which I actually prefer just because I find side zips usually get stuck! :/

Material wise, it’s extremely good, thick cotton blend which I love. I realise most of the dresses I have are all of the same material! Haha. It’s the same as Phillidia Sweetheart Dress which I reviewed here.

 And here’s Tasmine in wine. The colour is gorgeous!

You definitely won’t regret this buy. I’m never parting ways with Tasmine! 😀 It’s definitely one of my all time favourites from Whimsical Wants!

And here’s another one of my faves from the upcoming collection later today! 🙂

Functional buttons all way down and comes with the brown belt too 😀 I personally like the cream version as it goes well against my skin, no? Haha!

Remember to LIKE and SHARE collection 20’s album on Facebook and stand a chance to win a $10 voucher and a sure $2 off each item purchased from the collection! 😀

Launching some time in the afternoon! Love Whimsical Wants!

Review: Whimsical Wants – Tasmine Bow Belt Dress (Puce)

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