End of Week 2

I’m determined to make this semester a good one. It’s not going to be easy. I’ll probably have to work extra hard for Finance and Ethics (class participation especially) to ensure my GPA doesn’t dip again! I’m not the most book smart person. I say I’m a pretty average student. Not that motivated when it comes to studying. If only I had as much motivation and enthusiasm for studying as I do for exercising and clean eating! I’d be on the Dean’s List by now! Hahaha! It’s kinda nice that my mum doesn’t place that much pressure on me to do well in school. As long as I get my degree, she says. But of course, I want to do decently well. So yes. I shall study as best as I can, but never shall I beat myself up for not doing well. The world doesn’t revolve around this…

So it’s the end of Week 2. That was fast! I’m really liking most of my lecturers, especially my Ethics Professor. He is one hilarious man! Ivy and I just can’t help but burst out laughing during the class. It’s another reason why I like Caucasian Profs. They tend to be more interesting. I also really like my Negotiation Prof. He’s Caucasian too. Haha! My MA Prof is really good too. She goes at a good pace and seems rather cheerful all the time. My Consumer Behaviour Prof is pretty alright too I guess. But I’m starting to not like the class… Maybe it has something to do with it starting at 830am. Everything is boring in the morning. Fortunately, I only have 2 morning classes this semester. It’s going to make my life so much easier.

Over the last weekend, we had our National Open Invitational Championships Vol. III, and 5 of us fought. We trained extremely hard over the entire month of December and it was another great experience fighting.

I’m not sure if this really is my last time fighting. My mum probably will not be happy if I fight again during IVP or something. But something tells me I’m going to miss training at that level very badly! 😦 Of course, I’d like to try new things out, and so, Cindy, Ivy and I signed up for Yogilates (Yoga + Pilates) every Thursday morning. So I’m guaranteed at least 3 workouts per week, other than Muay Thai trainings. I really want to try Dragonboating, but I obviously cannot commit to their insane trainings during the school term. And my mum would be even more disapproving since they train more frequently and to make matter worse, in the sun. My mum would kill me!

Ok, so I’ve been sick over the past few days. I started with a sore throat on Monday and by yesterday, I started having slight flu symptoms. I’m not THAT sick obviously, because I still managed to exercise just now without feeling sluggish or anything. In fact, I feel better now! I took a nap at about 8pm. I didn’t go for the Muay Thai dinner at Darrick’s mum’s Thai place because I was feeling extremely shitty halfway through MA. But I did stay for the AGM. Ahhhh I love SMU Muay Thai. I really do! ❤

Ahhh that damn 1.5 hour nap really worked wonders. Now I don’t feel tired and it’s almost 1am. Haha. Shall wait for my mum and maid to come back from grocery shopping. We’re planning a big reunion dinner this Sunday! I can’t wait to lao yu sheng! We’re going to make the yu sheng from scratch and use smoked salmon. My favourite! 😀

Ok, goodnight! 😀


End of Week 2

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