Summer plans

Results were just released yesterday. I fared better this semester compared to the previous one. Current GPA is 3.5, cumulative’s still at 3.33 though. It’s just average but… well, what can I say? I’m just an average student! A little disappointed with my Performance Management and Compensation results though. The final paper killed me. Not because I didn’t know how to do it, but rather, I couldn’t complete the paper on time because the merit pay matrix was trial and error, and I kept trying and trying but I couldn’t get it within the budget ): Oh well, it’s over! And it’s summer!


Starting from 20th May, I will be TA-ing for the Executive MBA Negotiation class. I need the money for my exchange, which will cost a bomb! Might wipe out most of my bank account. Haha! I am praying I get that grant. PLEASE! Pretty please?

Was supposed to do a baking course this summer, but my mum says its too expensive. But she’s ok with sending me to Paris after graduation to pay tens of thousands of dollars to get my pastry making diploma from Le Cordon Bleu. Ok, sure. If you say so, I’ll gladly take that instead! So it’ll just be TA-ing and helping out at the office this summer before I fly for exchange. That and training, of course!


My friends are all busy now with internships and summer term. I feel so slack now :/

Summer plans

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