Run Unleashed – Nike She Runs 5k

On the 11th of May, I ran the Nike She Runs 5k. I know it’s quite lame to run a 5km and pay $30 for it. But factor in the two free tees and a Nike water bottle, and I think it was worth it. I shall try not to think of the fact that I probably ran 30 minutes and so, paid $1 per minute of running. Haha. Here are some photos I managed to capture:

ImageMet up with Tiffany after about a year! Finally!

ImageImageIt’s Utt!ImageThe view from the start pen.

ImageView at the finishing line. Our concrete jungle is beautiful in its own way too!

ImageThe finishers’ tee is nice, ain’t it?

ImageAnother nice shot of the F1 track, Singapore Flyer and MBS.

Overall, it was a good day. Though the traveling kinda sucked, and it was super crowded and the path was so narrow that I literally had to elbow my way past the slower runners, it was a good day catching up with my friend and sharing this experience with them. The view, too, totally made my day. Such beauty, really.

That said, I can’t wait for my next run šŸ™‚

Run Unleashed – Nike She Runs 5k

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