1 month

Time flies! In exactly a month’s time, I will be flying off for exchange! But first, the traveling. So far, the plan goes something like this.

1st stop: Warsaw, Poland – To dump our luggage

2nd stop: Santorini, Greece – Beautiful and romantic Santorini. The stuff postcards are made of. Unbelievable sunsets and white houses, volcanoes, hiking, beaches and Greek food.

3rd stop: Athens, Greece – Rich in culture and history. I can’t wait to see the ruins!

4th stop: Barcelona, Spain – Architecture, shopping, nightlife, beaches, Tapas. Spain has been my dream country since I was a little girl flipping through travel magazines. So excited to finally visit Spain, and spending more than a week in its different cities!

5th stop: Ibiza, Spain – Party capital of the world. Nuff said.

6th stop: Valencia, Spain – Oranges, anyone? My PMC group mate grew up in Valencia, and he highly recommended visiting Valencia. I have a feeling this might be my favourite city I visit in Spain.

7th stop: Madrid, Spain – Home of my favourite soccer team.

8th stop: Lisbon, Portugal – Architecture, beautiful coasts.

9th stop: London, UK – So much to do here! And I really want to try the lobster rolls at Burger & Lobster 😛 And yes, Hummingbird Bakery.

10th stop: Amsterdam, the Netherlands – ERRRR. Brownies? Mushrooms? Nah. Stroopwafels. And of course, canals, the red light district and maybe even cycling!

11th stop: Paris, France – Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame, La Seine, Pierre Herme… I’m all ready for Paris!

12th stop: Austria – The guys are sending me to Austria, so we will visit Salzburg first. Redbull headquarters are in Austria. They are an Austrian company. I just found out two days ago! Anyway, Salzburg’s Old Town is supposed to be a beauty. We’ll probably visit Mozart’s birthplace, palaces and cathedrals as well. Then it’s off to Hallstatt, and finally to Graz where FH Joanneum is. I’m really excited about Austria. I can’t wait to try the world famous Sachertorte, soak in the rich music and arts culture, coffee houses, the farmer’s market, pumpkin seed oil… Looks like I’m going to have a hell of a time.

Well, as long as winter doesn’t kill me, or make me pack on the pounds.

And I’ll finally be using my DSLR to take pictures of other things, not just food! But definitely, I’ll continue taking pictures of all the amazing food I’ll be eating. I’m going to let go a little when I travel. I don’t want to miss out on anything. Also, it’s good to be traveling with guys. They’ll finish my leftovers and I can pick off their plates as well!

1 month

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