Balmoral Bakery, Sunset Way

I’m a sucker for old-fashioned cakes, and the ones from Balmoral Bakery have been a childhood favourite. My mum recently brought back an entire box of these scrumptious cakes (to sabotage my diet) and I devoured them all within two days. What diet?

These buttercream cakes are hard to find these days, with bakeries and cafes selling the more modern cakes like red velvet and cheesecakes. But to me, nothing beats the simplicity of a good sponge cake with smooth buttercream frosting.

Balmoral Bakery has been around for ages, since 1965, the year my mum was born, and Singapore gained independence. They still sell the old school stuff, like custard puffs, egg tarts, butterfly cupcakes and savouries like their famous chicken pies. When it comes to old school, I’d put Balmoral Bakery and Le Cafe Confectionary & Pastry amongst the top in Singapore.

These are the same old cakes my mum has been buying each time she visits Balmoral Bakery. I never get sick of them!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageMy favourite is definitely the chocolate-peppermint cake. I’m not usually a fan of colouring, but I swear, that cake is amazing. It reminds me of Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies. My recommendation would be the coffee, mocha, coconut, peanut cakes, as well as their rum ball, which is hard to beat!

Balmoral Bakery
105 Clementi Road Street 12 (Sunset Way)
#01-06, Singapore 120105
Tel : 6779 2064
Balmoral Bakery, Sunset Way

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