More goodies from Balmoral Bakery

Mummy is doing it again. Thankfully, I’ll be escaping her (delicious) efforts to fatten me up/give me diabetes too in about a week!


From top: Banana Puff Pastry, Apple Puff Pastry, Coconut Tart, Coconut Swiss Roll

The banana and apple puff pastry tarts are pretty good. Heated in the oven for a bit to make it nice and crunchy again. The coconut tart is AWESOME. Old-school, simple, simply delicious. The coconut swiss roll is ok too. Nothing too special. Still prefer my chocolate and peppermint cake.

See my previous post on Balmoral Bakery’s buttercream cakes here.

Now back to planning my itinerary for Santorini and Athens. Omg. I can’t believe I’ll be there in 1.5 weeks time! 😀

Balmoral Bakery
105 Clementi Road Street 12 (Sunset Way)
#01-06, Singapore 120105
Tel : 6779 2064
More goodies from Balmoral Bakery

Brunch at Hatched

Finally met up with my favourite people, the Muay Thai peeps. Ho Seh Bo, Tok, and my angels, Ivy and Cindy 🙂

Headed to Hatched for brunch. I have been meaning to try Hatched for the longest time! However, just a couple of days before this brunch, I read a review from a popular food blogger on Hatched that was rather disappointing. Apparently, all the poached egg dishes he ordered weren’t runny. We still gave it a shot though!



A little spoilt for choice. They have such a good menu. Pretty much everything sounds good. They have a very nicely designed menu, colourful and the some of their dishes have cute names such as Popeye’s Salute and Burly Benedict.




Our dear Wei Guang couldn’t make it for brunch, so we made sure his presence was still felt 😛


They have cute Easter egg salt and pepper shakers too!


The best thing about eating in a large group is you get to order a variety and pick at everyone’s food.

Hatched allows you to choose between just one, or two eggs for their poached egg dishes. I was starving because Cindy and I gymmed in the morning before brunch. So proud of us, that we managed to reach SMU gym by 9.30am to work out.


Popeye’s Salute: Creamed spinach on English muffin, topped with poached egg and served with homemade mash – $19 for 2

I much prefer the Eggs Florentine Cindy and I had at Canopy. Though this one feels more “clean”, the creamed spinach was hardly creamed and tasted a little too raw for my liking. The mash that came with the dishes was yummy! The mushroom gravy that topped it knocked the ball right out of the park! The poached egg was also runny. YAY!


Sir Benedict: English muffin topped with smoked ham, streaky bacon, poached egg and Hollandaise sauce and served with homemade mash – $19 for 2

The classic benedict. I found this much better than the Popeye’s Salute. Everything tastes better with bacon! Runny yolk, check! Not the best eggs benedict I’ve had – I still love love love the one at Rider’s, but definitely not bad.


El Chorizo: Scrambled eggs cooked with Chorizo, served with toast, baked tomato and homemade mash – $16

I love spicy Chorizo, but this one was… Ok. Nothing special, I guess. I remember a slight sour aftertaste that I didn’t quite like. The eggs, however, were done pretty well. Ho Seh Bo commented that the Chorizo tasted like Chinese sausage or 腊肠. Well, slightly.


Oozy Baked Eggs: Two eggs baked with bacon, cream, mushrooms and tomatoes, with cheese oozing on the top, served with toast – $12

I ordered the baked eggs for myself. I have fallen in love with baked eggs ever since I had a taste of it at Cafe Epicurious. Although the one at Cafe Epicurious wasn’t as oozy as I liked (the cheese was a little cold by the time it got to me), it was still delicious. We all agreed that the baked eggs here is the most worth it dish. At only $12, the serving is pretty big. It was fully loaded with bacon, mushrooms and tomatoes and sweet onions as well. It was also perfectly oozy. Look at the stringy cheese!


I am also a big fan of pesto 😀 Pesto + eggs + bacon + cheese. Yum. My only complaint about this dish is that the toast was already cold by the time it got to me. A little hard, so I only ate one.



The Designer with tomatoes, mushroom, cheese, onions and bacon, served with toast – $14

Tok ordered the Designer omelette after his single Sir Benedict wasn’t sufficient. This was pretty good too. They’re very generous with the ingredients, so the omelette was pretty stuffed. I’m not sure how many eggs went into this omelette but it was huge! Definitely worth it!

All in all, I’d say Hatched is a pretty good place if you’re looking to satisfy your egg cravings. Although it seems a little expensive, the servings are bigger than usual, so it does justify the price. I’d go back just for the Oozy Baked Eggs. I hit the jackpot with that order! The place is pretty crowded on weekends. We went on a Saturday at noon, but we remembered to make a reservation so we didn’t have a problem. The cafe was at full capacity throughout our meal and many people were queueing outside as well, so do make a reservation just in case!

Hatched @ Holland Village


267 Holland Avenue

Singapore 278989

Tel: 6463 0012

Opening Hours: 9am to 11pm (Last Order: 10.30pm)
Closed on Mondays


I’ll miss you people! Only slightly over a month to exchange ):


Brunch at Hatched

Dinner at The Eastern Restaurant

Our final meet up before exchange! This time we opted for dim sum. My stomach wasn’t feeling very well, but the food at the Eastern Restaurant was yummy, I just kept eating! The three of us ordered these dishes to share:ImageChicken Marinated in Shaoshing Wine (绍兴醉鸡)

I last had this dish at Paradise Dynasty. I much prefer the one here at the Eastern Restaurant. It is a cold dish and is very refreshing. The Shaoshing wine isn’t too overwhelming either.

ImageWanton with Hot Chilli Sauce (红油抄手) 

As spicy as it looks, it really isn’t! Or maybe it’s just me, being a “chilli-queen”. This was scrumptious. They were also very generous with the filling.

ImageImageFurong Special Scrambled Eggs (芙蓉赛螃蟹)

This was, by far, the best dish we ordered! This takes scrambled eggs to a whole other level. An egg yolk on top of the egg whites, with crabmeat, peas and fried shallots. Very tasty! A must-have when visiting the Eastern Restaurant! I ate my share with the awesome chilli paste they serve at every table. It was good!

ImageYang Zhou Fried Rice (扬州炒饭)

My no rice, no noodles diet prohibited me from eating this. But I did have a spoonful. Nothing special, just the usual Yang Zhou fried rice you get from any Chinese restaurants or ci zhar places.

ImageImageVegetable Dumplings 

We accidentally ordered this, thinking it was something else. Hann Khee didn’t like it, so I ate his share. I loved it! I always order vegetable dumplings whenever I go for dim sum, especially with my mum, since she doesn’t eat minced pork.


Hann Khee claims this is one of the best 小笼包s in Singapore. I think I agree. Not THE best, but one of the best ones. The skin is really thin, the soup is fragrant, light and not too salty. The meat is quite lean, compared to other places. I sometimes have issues with minced pork too because I hate fatty meat. The idea isn’t the thing that turns me off, it’s the texture I dislike. Anyway, back to this 小笼包. Yes, you should definitely order this.

The amount we ordered was just nice to fill our tummies! But I kept drinking Chinese tea so I was pretty full after the drinks!

The Eastern Restaurant

The Centrepoint

176 Orchard Road, #01-57

Singapore 238843

After dinner, we headed to Marche at 313, where we had our pre-Bondue dinner. The first time we met each other. The day Hann Khee was so late, and I was wondering to myself what kind of name is Hann Khee (must be a joke, Hunky). The day Hann Khee judged Claire for asking him what school he was from (err, Bondue?). Ahh, good times! I’m glad the three of us are still going strong!


Till we reunite once again in January! 🙂

Dinner at The Eastern Restaurant

Mini UFO Muffins, Ng Kim Lee Confectionary

Looks like my mum is on a roll, or rather, trying to get me to be the shape of a ball so that I may roll! Goodness, this has to stop. Have to exercise extra hard these few days to burn all them calories!

Last night, my mum and brother came home with an entire box of mini muffins and cakes from Ng Kim Lee Confectionary. I’ve passed by the bakery a few times while I was in the Bukit Timah area. Situated opposite Beauty World where all the good food can be found, is this old school bakery which sells cakes and pastries. I have yet to try the savoury stuff, but my mum comes home with these UFO-looking muffins from time to time.  ImageImageImageImageImageImagePandan cake

I am a big fan of pandan, especially pandan-kaya cake. I’d rather have a slice of pandan cake than chocolate cake any time. This is one of the best pandan cakes around! Very moist. Yummy!

ImageImageTri-coloured cake

 This tri-coloured cake is soft and spongy. It also tasted really buttery. I much prefer the pandan cake. But my brother took one bite and kept going at it.

ImageOreo muffin

ImageRaisin muffin

ImagePandan muffin

ImageChocolate-walnut muffin

ImageJam muffin

ImageStrawberry muffin

The texture of the muffins were not consistent. Some were more moist than others. The orange flavoured one was a tad hard and dry. I felt like I was choking on it after one bite. I’d say the best flavour would still be the plain one, as well as the strawberry, jam, chocolate and banana. I’d probably give the pandan muffin a miss and go for the pandan cake instead. It’s much nicer!

Ok, all the muffins are gone. All within a day. Time for a workout!

Ng Kim Lee Confectionary

4 Chun Tin Road, Singapore 599591

Mini UFO Muffins, Ng Kim Lee Confectionary

Breakfast at Casa Verde, Singapore Botanic Gardens

Looks like I almost forgot to blog about the brunch I had on the Father’s Day weekend. Decided to choose somewhere more scenic for breakfast, so we decided on Casa Verde at the Botanic Gardens for some good food, good views and canine company!


Casa Verde is under the Les Amis Group, which also owns Canele and Peperoni Pizzeria, as well as other popular outlets. Casa Verde, which means “green house” in Italian, is very appropriately located at both the Botanic Gardens and Gardens by the Bay.

The cafe was easy to find, just beside the entrance near the carpark.

ImageI spotted the beautiful Golden Retriever and quickly took the seat beside! 🙂

ImageHann Khee and Woofy

The breakfast menu is available from 7.30am to 11am and consists of the usual egg dishes, big breakfasts, as well as local fare, such as Mee Siam and Laksa. I was craving for some scrambled eggs, so Hann Khee and I ordered the Gourmet Breakfast set, as well as a Cinnamon French Toast to share.

ImageGourmet Breakfast – Choice of fried or scrambled eggs, mushrooms, back bacon, Cumberland sausage, hash brown, grilled tomato & toasts – $15

The serving for the Gourmet Breakfast was HUGE. I definitely would not be able to finish it by myself. So at $15, it was really worth it. The scrambled eggs were soft and creamy, but not too mushy, and was perfect with the toast. The pretty much ate all the mushrooms because Hann Khee doesn’t eat mushrooms, and he ate the bacon since I don’t really take bacon. The mushrooms were yummy. Mushrooms are always a good idea! It is sheer blasphemy to not like mushrooms! Especially when they are sauteed in butter and garlic!


ImageCinnamon French toast with strawberries & maple syrup – $8.50

We were deciding whether to get the French toast, wondering if the bread used would be the everyday, thin, store-bought sandwich bread. Fortunately, when it arrived the bread was thicker than we expected and so neatly and elegantly arranged. A really pretty dish from all angles! Perfectly parallel, they seem to take a lot of pride in their presentation, which is always a plus! I found this pretty filling as well, but I finished my share anyway because it was so good! The French toast was not too eggy, and the cinnamon, and maple syrup went so well together.


Woofy can smell the bacon!

ImageBrunch buddy and me.


Casa Verde


1 Cluny Road

Visitor Centre, Singapore Botanical Gardens

Singapore 259569

Tel: 6467 7326

Breakfast at Casa Verde, Singapore Botanic Gardens

Balmoral Bakery, Sunset Way

I’m a sucker for old-fashioned cakes, and the ones from Balmoral Bakery have been a childhood favourite. My mum recently brought back an entire box of these scrumptious cakes (to sabotage my diet) and I devoured them all within two days. What diet?

These buttercream cakes are hard to find these days, with bakeries and cafes selling the more modern cakes like red velvet and cheesecakes. But to me, nothing beats the simplicity of a good sponge cake with smooth buttercream frosting.

Balmoral Bakery has been around for ages, since 1965, the year my mum was born, and Singapore gained independence. They still sell the old school stuff, like custard puffs, egg tarts, butterfly cupcakes and savouries like their famous chicken pies. When it comes to old school, I’d put Balmoral Bakery and Le Cafe Confectionary & Pastry amongst the top in Singapore.

These are the same old cakes my mum has been buying each time she visits Balmoral Bakery. I never get sick of them!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageMy favourite is definitely the chocolate-peppermint cake. I’m not usually a fan of colouring, but I swear, that cake is amazing. It reminds me of Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies. My recommendation would be the coffee, mocha, coconut, peanut cakes, as well as their rum ball, which is hard to beat!

Balmoral Bakery
105 Clementi Road Street 12 (Sunset Way)
#01-06, Singapore 120105
Tel : 6779 2064
Balmoral Bakery, Sunset Way

Overdoughs. Again.

Back to Overdoughs this week because every thing there just looks so darn good. I think if anyone were to ask me where to go for dessert, Overdoughs would be my number one recommendation. There’s still lots that I haven’t tried, but I’ll pace myself. Here’s my previous post on my small treat at Overdoughs and my surprise birthday dinner at Artichoke, and the wonderful Middle Eastern fare, and the BEST EVER date pudding:


Remember this Roasted Banana Muffin?

Headed down to Overdoughs for brunch with Ivy and Joe. It was a hot hot day.






Overdoughs and Artichoke’s edible garden

As usual, I didn’t know what to order because the selection is really good, but there’s only three of us.


Didn’t expect there to be anything other than dessert, but they had some pita bread and meat for lunch. We decided to go for the Shish Taouk (Lebanese Roast Chicken) Pita.


Shish Taouk (Lebanese Roast Chicken) Pita – $8.50

Marinated in yogurt and baharat, the chicken was so nice and tender. I could do with more spice though. It was topped with lots of onion and cabbage, which I didn’t particularly enjoy, especially the onions. I think we probably left all the onions on the side. Don’t get me wrong, I love onions, just not when I’m eating out and have to go about the day with onion breath!



We asked for the sauces on the side because Ivy doesn’t take spicy food. They weren’t spicy though. I really liked the Zhug, or green chilli sauce, but I think the Ezme, or Turkish tomato salsa could use some spice kick.

Other than Shish Taouk, they also serve Turkish beef meatballs and nachos, if I recall. Maybe the meatballs would have been better? Would love to try that next. I’d imagine the meatballs would be a little more flavourful than the roast chicken.


As I was saying, it was a terribly hot day, and those who have visited Overdoughs would know that it is outdoor dining. We chose a bench that was partially shaded, and it sure helped that Overdoughs installed some fans around as well. We were perspiring, but our drink was really refreshing!


Homemade Mint and Basil Lemonade – $4

I had this drink before the last time I visited Overdoughs with Hann Khee, and we have been raving about it since then. The addition of the pomegranate seeds adds some sweetness to the otherwise slightly sour lemonade. The mint and basil is from their edible garden.

My mum makes orange sweet tea with mint, Southern style, but I’ve never had basil in a drink before. It’s good! We call it the miracle water. Definitely a must-have on a hot summer day.

Next up, dessert! Hard time choosing between the tarts, cakes, brownies, muffins and Turkish desserts. The tarts looked really good though, and they have interesting flavours like passionfruit, soursop, pineapple and Snickers.  Next time, I’m definitely going for the flourless cake and the killer looking, nut-studded brownie!

Ultimately, we decided to give the passionfruit meringue tart a go.


Passionfruit Meringue Tart – $5.40

Looks good, doesn’t it? 🙂

Lovely toasted meringue swirls. It tastes great too! The best thing about this tart is its crust, which is made of cornflakes. Crunchy!


The passionfruit curd was smooth and slightly tart, and balanced well with the sweet and sticky toasted marshmallow meringue.

However, we had a hard time eating the tart. The cutlery available was made of plastic and the crust was hard to break into. Other than that, no complaints here!


Turkish Milk Pudding

Didn’t get to try this Turkish pudding. Joe ordered this one. He did, however, comment that there’s just too many things on top for his liking.


Looking forward to my next visit to Overdoughs! Maybe before I leave for exchange in a month’s time.



161 Middle Road, Sculpture Square

Singapore 188978


And here’s my pretty BFF, Ivy WAH!



Overdoughs. Again.

A Surprise at Group Therapy

This is a long overdue post, but I have finally stopped procrastinating found time to write it!

I was supposed to meet Hann Khee for brunch at Group Therapy. We walked from Tanjong Pagar MRT to the cafe. I must say, I really love the buildings in the vicinity. Those short shophouses, freshly painted in a multitude of colours. Really a pretty sight.





What was supposed to be a brunch date turned out to be a surprise! Claire appeared out of nowhere and I was shocked but really happy to see her again. I didn’t even know she was back from Australia! So a reunion with what’s left of our Bondue clique 🙂

We had a hard time choosing what to order, simply because the menu just looks too good. My initial plan was to order the organic granola & muesli bowl with yogurt and fresh fruits because I’m used to having fruits for breakfast every morning. However, after seeing what the tables beside us were eating, I changed my mind! On my left were two men; one of them was having the grilled ham & cheese panini and when he bit into it… Food porn indeed. I was set to order that panini.




Grilled ham & cheese Panini with swiss button mushrooms, tomatoes, mozzarella cheese – $16

The stringy mozzarella totally made my day. The amount of ingredients in the panini may not look like much, but the taste is spot on. And with a hint of rosemary, it was a killer panini. The sandwiches at Group Therapy are served with a salad (that comes with yummy couscous) and chips. The chips were so good, we were wondering if they made their own. But apparently they don’t. They were very lightly salted and they just didn’t seem like store-bought ones.


Roasted Almond Latte – $6.50

We asked for recommendations, and their Roasted Almond Latte is a house specialty. Hann Khee ordered it and I took a sip. Very impressed. Definitely one of the better lattes around. It doesn’t leave a sour aftertaste that some coffees have, and the almond aroma is strong. I could sniff it forever. I believe it was already sweetened, maybe with almond syrup, so we didn’t have to add any sugar. Personally, I’m not one to have latte with sugar. However, when it comes to local brews, I go for kopi-c siu dai.

Claire ordered the Mint Hot Chocolate, but I think they gave her the regular Hot Chocolate instead. No hint of mint at all, and rather disappointing anyway. The hot chocolate wasn’t rich and creamy. A little too diluted.


Smoked salmon avocado sandwich with cream cheese, avocado slices & rocket leaves – $18

This sandwich was huge! And much more stuffed than my panini. You can’t go wrong with smoked salmon and cream cheese, I guess. I’d skip the avocado though. Just way too much fat in one sandwich, albeit healthy fats. Or maybe I’m just not too big a fan of avocado. I just get sick of it after a while. Hann Khee didn’t finish the sandwich, because he ordered two additional poached eggs (for $3), and just because he loves poached eggs. They, apparently, are “like a symphony playing” in his mouth.

PS. This smoked salmon avocado sandwich photo won me photo-of-the-day in the OpenRice #Makanhunt Instagram contest 😀 I wonder what my prize is!


Poached eggs with thick toast, smoked salmon, gruyere, hollandaise – $15

Claire had the poached eggs and I think this may just be as good as my panini. What really made this poached egg dish stand out for me compared to other cafes is their hollandaise sauce. I can’t really start to describe it, but definitely give it a go when you’re at Group Therapy.


I’d definitely place Group Therapy among the top cafes on my list. Can’t wait to go back for more!

Group Therapy Coffee


49 Duxton Road, #02-01

Singapore 089513

Tel: 62222554

Love, Maddie

A Surprise at Group Therapy

Brunch at Spruce, Fire Station

Decided to have brunch at Spruce last weekend. Initial plan was some place at The Grand Stand. Maybe Omakase Burger or PasarBella, but my car was at servicing.


It was a terribly hot day. TERRIBLY HOT. This was just before the haze arrived. Anyway, we took a short bus ride down and when we arrived, the cafe was pretty packed. There were some empty tables but they were under reservation. The waitress could only seat us outside. In the heat. Great! We had such a sweaty brunch date.


Doesn’t look that hot, but it was!


Suffering in the sweltering sun. His back was actually in the sun!



Spruce Signature Burger with hand cut chips and bacon ($18 + $2 for the bacon)

He ALWAYS has burgers. And I always have an egg dish.

Mmm, look at that perfectly constructed burger. It looks extra yummy with the golden burger bun!

I had only a tiny bite of the burger because it was medium rare and I like my beef done medium well. In fact, not a big fan of beef. Still, it tasted pretty good to me. It’s good meat and doesn’t have that strong meaty taste and smell that I dislike. I love the relish and pickles that they use. That always makes a burger so much better.

The chips were nice and crisp. They weren’t oily, greasy or salty. Great fries! DJ even asked me if I could make fries like that for him.


Soft Scrambled Eggs Avruga Caviar and Smoked Salmon ($18)

I was more than pleased with the scrambled eggs. They were perfectly cooked, fluffy and a little moist. Not the mush that you get at other places. I have a thing for smoked salmon, and sour cream and salmon are the ultimate partners in crime. And who doesn’t love their caviar? Those black gems that pop in your mouth when you bite into them.

I’d definitely recommend Spruce’s weekend brunch to anyone. It is a tad bit pricey, but the food is good and their ingredients are of good quality. I’d imagine the ambience indoors would be better. Outdoors, maybe, but not in the heat! So do make a reservation beforehand! You can make reservations online or via telephone. I didn’t get to try their dessert, but they looked really good, especially their carrot cake!

Spruce @ Fire Station


260 Upper Bukit Timah Road, #01-01, Singapore 588213

Tel: 6466 5582

Mon – Fri: 11.30am – 12am
Sat, Sun & PH: 9am – 12am

Till next time,


Brunch at Spruce, Fire Station

My Birthday Celebration(s) and Reviews – SPRMRKT & Artichoke Cafe and Bar

I recently turned 22. No, I don’t feel any different. In fact, this year, I didn’t really feel like having a birthday celebration, but my family went ahead any way. I said no cake, but there was cake; so I demanded no frosting. I also forbid the singing of a birthday song. Haha. Anyway, my cake was good. It is our family’s famous orange yoghurt cake. Moist and buttery. My favourite!

253323_10152819326370220_1416847755_n482474_10152819325995220_731125147_nA beauty, isn’t she? 🙂

Mummy also made a Vietnamese mung bean dessert. It’s actually like tau suan, but the beans are pureed until a paste. Cooked with pandan and coconut milk, and topped with toasted coconut. Yum.


I had no gifts this year from my family. They all gave me angbaos which is awesome because I really need the money for exchange! Haha. That’s the end of part one of my birthday celebration.

Part two is the surprise from my two BFFs, Cindy and Ivy.

Cindy asked to meet her below my block on the 4th of May, at 11+pm, so I went down and I saw her with her laptop. Suspicious. We were supposed to Skype Ivy that night but when I asked her earlier in the day if we were Skype-ing her, she said no. But well, let’s just say I’m a smart cookie. Cindy handed me gifts from Ivy, that Ker Sheng brought back from Switzerland. Macarons, chocolate and a card from Ivy. I miss her so much!

198916_10152822960695220_2106790488_nMacarons all the way from Switzerland

They taste extra good, cos they were delivered with love! 🙂

Cindy and Alvin also baked me a cheesecake. Ok, a slice of cheesecake. It was gooood. I ate the whole slice at 12.30am!

946058_10152819324415220_1525002716_nPraline cheesecake

Her notebook also had such a sweet note in it, that I started crying as I read it. Sigh, my girls. What would I do without them!

Ivy was indeed on Skype! Surprise surprise! 😀 We went up to my place to talk for about an hour. I feel terrible because that was the first time I’d Skyped her this entire semester ): Been so caught up with work, that I feel like I neglected our friendship. But our friendship is strong. Although we only have two months in 2013 together, since I will be going for exchange when she returns, I know our friendship will not weaken with the distance and time apart.

Part three of my birthday: Meet up with Andrea

After one and half years, I finally met up with this good friend of mine! She missed my 21st, and I missed hers. So we were determined to meet again after the exams. At long last, we exchanged the 21st birthday presents we bought for each other. We headed to SPRMRKT for brunch, then to Once Upon A Milkshake at Maxwell Chambers for dessert!


2 McCallum Street, Singapore 069043




420689_10152826009705220_788114310_nCozy interior, and they sell all sorts of stuff at SPRMRKT too. Cutlery, dishes, bottled drinks, eggs, crushed tomatoes…


486880_10152826009820220_284375166_nYoghurt berries trifle – Greek yoghurt, honey, mixed berries compote, toasted crumble – $10

The crumble at the bottom was soooo good. The crunch was perfect. The yoghurt was smooth and lightly sweetened and the berry compote was really good too. They probably make the compote themselves; I could see some chunks of blueberry. However, it was pretty expensive at $10.

 395741_10152826009455220_1281983359_nEggs Benedict – Two poached eggs, honey baked ham, hollandaise sauce, lightly buttered crumpets – $14

Ok, so I decided some time ago that I would have eggs benedict/florentine and the likes at all cafes I visit. So I jumped at the eggs benedict, having heard it was pretty good at SPRMRKT too. To my disappointment, the poached eggs were overcooked, so they were no longer runny ): However, I must say that I was still very pleased with the eggs benedict. The taste was still spot on. The honey baked ham was delicious and the crumpets were perfectly toasted and buttered. Doesn’t beat Rider’s Blackstone Benedict but it’s still good in its own way!

By the way, SPRMRKT’s menu changes each day of the week, so do check out their menu before visiting!

946440_10151432167052123_1909155704_nAndrea and I. I wore wedges because I always feel short when I go out with her. Haha!


Next stop was Once Upon A Milkshake at Maxwell Chambers, which is just a short walk away from SPRMRKT. We had Tiara Miss-U and White Coffee Cloud thick milkshakes. I absolutely love their milkshakes. They ain’t kidding when they say it’s really thick. One mistake we made was choosing two coffee flavoured milkshakes. After a while, they both tasted like the same thing. Oh well, I love my coffee! Since they taste similar, I think it’s more worth it to go for the White Coffee Cloud ($2.90 for a small) instead of the premium shakes, which are $4.90. They have a whole list of flavours to choose from, each represented by their own characters. Tiramisu by Tiara Miss-U. Pretty cute huh? 🙂 Next time round, I’ll have to try their other flavours. Maybe their red velvet or butterscotch.

And the final part of my birthday celebrations – A surprise at Artichoke Cafe and Bar

Artichoke Cafe and Bar

161  Middle Road, Singapore 188978



I was supposed to have dinner with Zinnia only. I thought she already made plans, because she said she’d bring me to wherever it was. Then she asked me whether I wanted to have dinner at Hooters?! HAHA! No offense. Their wings totally rock, but two girls at Hooters? I started listing other places, and finally decided on Artichoke. Just last week, Hann Khee and I visited Overdoughs – a bakery by chef-owner of Artichoke and is situated just beside, and were completely impressed with the dessert there. Come on, look at this awesome thing they call their Roasted Banana Muffin:


That’s no normal banana muffin. It’s roasted banana chunks, fresh blueberries and sticky marshmallow streusel. I must say, it’s the perfect muffin. It’s a must-try.

Overdoughs also serves Middle Eastern desserts like baklava, Turkish pudding and the likes, as well as the normal chocolate brownies (which look better than most brownies, I promise), Snickers tart… I wanted to try every thing. I’m not kidding. I will definitely be going back there.

So, back to Artichoke. I asked Max along since we were at the gym together, and we’re all Waikiki friends. We sat down, and  shortly after our babaganoush, hummus and Turkish bread arrived, Miss Fan suddenly appeared! “Just dropping by,” she said. Yeah, right! Haha.

935612_10152828255005220_371033444_nTurkish bread – $4 per serving (4 slices)

I love my bread. And the Turkish bread just made me love bread more. Just the right amount of crunch along the sides and softness in the middle. Just the way I like it! I think it was drizzled with some olive oil. It was amazing! We ordered two dips – babaganoush and hummus to go with the bread.

247089_10152828251885220_1608808555_nBabaganoush – eggplant, sesame and pomegranate

941727_10152828252225220_226205579_nHummus – smashed chickpea, sesame and sumac

I personally love hummus. I first had it when I visited Doha a couple of years back. I loved it so much, I had it for breakfast every single day. Hummus with flatbread! The hummus was good, but I don’t think it can compare to our homemade hummus. We make really good hummus at home! Maybe ours isn’t that traditional. We put more garlic and a secret ingredient into it 🙂

The babaganoush was also a good pick. My friends aren’t as familiar with food as I am, so I just picked the two I thought were the most well-known. Miss Fan doesn’t like eggplant, but she ate quite a bit of the babaganoush. So  yes, it was good! When I come back the next time (and I will!), I definitely have to try the muhammara (red pepper, walnut and pomegranate) and labneh (yoghurt cheese and wild thyme za’taar).

Each item on the Mezze menu is $7, but its 3 for $20. We should have ordered one more!


Shish Taouk – $26 

For our meat dish, we ordered the Shish Taouk, which is Lebanese BBQ chicken with a side of garlic whip and pickles. The moment Zinnia and I put it into our mouths, we exchanged THAT look. We proclaimed it was better than… Well, let’s just say we experienced “foodgasm”. The chicken was so tender, and was perfectly spiced. It does remind me slightly of tandoori chicken. So if you’re a fan of tandoori chicken, please have this when you visit Artichoke! I really liked the garlic whip as well. The garlic is pretty strong, so avoid it if you don’t like garlic.

Next up was dessert. I insisted on the baklava. Come on, we have to complete this Turkish/Middle Eastern experience! The baklava sampler comes with three fixed varieties, and our choice of another out of three. Baklava is traditionally made with phyllo pastry, nuts and honey. We buy baklava back whenever we visit Doha or Dubai.


Baklava sampler – $10

My favourite was the walnut (bottom left). Didn’t quite like the traditional and the fig ones; I found the pastry too flaky for my liking. Then again, maybe it’s just me! Expect a sugar high from this dessert though! It is soaked with syrup or honey. You have been warned!

I still want to try the chocolate flavoured and apricot-pistachio baklava though! Looks like multiple visits to Overdoughs and Artichoke in the near future!

We also ordered the date pudding. Just the day before, I had sticky date pudding at Wimbly Lu, and it was decent. Not better than the one at Marmalade Pantry or Pique Nique, but decent. Then, this happened:



First thought: Looks like a swamp. Not very appetising.

Then we dug in and OMG. I can’t even start to explain how much this owns any other date pudding.


The date pudding is served with warm burnt milk, coffee agar, peanut caramel and smoked salt. Usually, date pudding just comes with toffee sauce, and if you’re lucky, a scoop of vanilla ice cream. This is a 10 out of 10 on my dessert rating scale! We wiped out the entire pudding and then scraped the cream off the dish. Then we decided that we would come back just for the date pudding any time. It’s $14 for the date pudding, but who cares?! It’s worth every cent, and every calorie.

In the midst of devouring our dessert, a waiter suddenly appeared with a mini fruit tart with a lit candle and a bouquet of flowers. I was honestly surprised because I thought we had ordered so much already! Anyway, it was really sweet of them! Thank you friends 🙂



Thanks for making this another memorable birthday! I have amazing friends who I know will always be there for me when I need them. Blessed.

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