Dinner at The Eastern Restaurant

Our final meet up before exchange! This time we opted for dim sum. My stomach wasn’t feeling very well, but the food at the Eastern Restaurant was yummy, I just kept eating! The three of us ordered these dishes to share:ImageChicken Marinated in Shaoshing Wine (绍兴醉鸡)

I last had this dish at Paradise Dynasty. I much prefer the one here at the Eastern Restaurant. It is a cold dish and is very refreshing. The Shaoshing wine isn’t too overwhelming either.

ImageWanton with Hot Chilli Sauce (红油抄手) 

As spicy as it looks, it really isn’t! Or maybe it’s just me, being a “chilli-queen”. This was scrumptious. They were also very generous with the filling.

ImageImageFurong Special Scrambled Eggs (芙蓉赛螃蟹)

This was, by far, the best dish we ordered! This takes scrambled eggs to a whole other level. An egg yolk on top of the egg whites, with crabmeat, peas and fried shallots. Very tasty! A must-have when visiting the Eastern Restaurant! I ate my share with the awesome chilli paste they serve at every table. It was good!

ImageYang Zhou Fried Rice (扬州炒饭)

My no rice, no noodles diet prohibited me from eating this. But I did have a spoonful. Nothing special, just the usual Yang Zhou fried rice you get from any Chinese restaurants or ci zhar places.

ImageImageVegetable Dumplings 

We accidentally ordered this, thinking it was something else. Hann Khee didn’t like it, so I ate his share. I loved it! I always order vegetable dumplings whenever I go for dim sum, especially with my mum, since she doesn’t eat minced pork.


Hann Khee claims this is one of the best 小笼包s in Singapore. I think I agree. Not THE best, but one of the best ones. The skin is really thin, the soup is fragrant, light and not too salty. The meat is quite lean, compared to other places. I sometimes have issues with minced pork too because I hate fatty meat. The idea isn’t the thing that turns me off, it’s the texture I dislike. Anyway, back to this 小笼包. Yes, you should definitely order this.

The amount we ordered was just nice to fill our tummies! But I kept drinking Chinese tea so I was pretty full after the drinks!

The Eastern Restaurant

The Centrepoint

176 Orchard Road, #01-57

Singapore 238843

After dinner, we headed to Marche at 313, where we had our pre-Bondue dinner. The first time we met each other. The day Hann Khee was so late, and I was wondering to myself what kind of name is Hann Khee (must be a joke, Hunky). The day Hann Khee judged Claire for asking him what school he was from (err, Bondue?). Ahh, good times! I’m glad the three of us are still going strong!


Till we reunite once again in January! 🙂

Dinner at The Eastern Restaurant

One thought on “Dinner at The Eastern Restaurant

  1. Edward Djang says:

    I am a visitor to Singapore and just loved the Eastern Restaurant but they are no longer at Centrepoint – can you let me know if they have move or where the chef is now located – aching for the Xiao Long Bao, thanks

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