More goodies from Balmoral Bakery

Mummy is doing it again. Thankfully, I’ll be escaping her (delicious) efforts to fatten me up/give me diabetes too in about a week!


From top: Banana Puff Pastry, Apple Puff Pastry, Coconut Tart, Coconut Swiss Roll

The banana and apple puff pastry tarts are pretty good. Heated in the oven for a bit to make it nice and crunchy again. The coconut tart is AWESOME. Old-school, simple, simply delicious. The coconut swiss roll is ok too. Nothing too special. Still prefer my chocolate and peppermint cake.

See my previous post on Balmoral Bakery’s buttercream cakes here.

Now back to planning my itinerary for Santorini and Athens. Omg. I can’t believe I’ll be there in 1.5 weeks time! 😀

Balmoral Bakery
105 Clementi Road Street 12 (Sunset Way)
#01-06, Singapore 120105
Tel : 6779 2064
More goodies from Balmoral Bakery

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