Week 2, Down!

After such a long holiday which lasted 4 months this summer, it’s kind of hard to start adapting back to university life. SMU is really mad. Everything is hectic, and after last semester’s straight Bs (which really sucks by the way!), I’ve got no time to lose this semester. It’s 3am and I’m up doing my readings. I’m going to be ever ready for class! Year 2, I shall conquer you!

In the first 2 weeks of school, I’ve dedicated lots of my time to SMU Muay Thai with Vivace -our CCA exhibition day- as well as our Muay Thai clinic, which we just extended into its second week! We had over 170 sign ups last Friday. How awesome is that? (:

Here’s the week (or two!) in photos:

Demo padwork with Jin at Vivace. No easy job (though I’m smiling!).

My girls ❤ They’re both so pretty! (:

Cindy and I.

Doing up the club board.

Group Leader-ing for SMUX Nitebike 2011. 11 hours, 63km. 

It’s been an eventful couple of weeks. Never a dull day for me!

Week 2, Down!

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