Review: Whimsical Wants – Pale Yellow Weaved Top

Here’ s my top pick from the upcoming Whimsical Wants launch!

I wore this weaved spag top to the Muay Thai BBQ last weekend. I love the weave detailing at the bust. I think it is very nicely done, and you can adjust the weaves to as neatly as you want, and however best it flatters your body.

The colour looks really good. It’s a pale yellow, and looks like creamy durian. Haha! But this colour looks really good. I feel like it makes fair people look fairer and also flatters tanned skin too, because it’s a nice contrast (:

It comes with adjustable straps too, so you may adjust to the desired length. Having a short short body like me means that half of the time, my shorts disappear as the top is relatively long. I pulled my shorts a little lower before taking this photo in my ‘garden’. I still prefer wearing this with shorts, but I would also wear this with leggings/skinnies and even tucked into a bandage skirt!

This top is definitely a keeper for me! Thank you Whimsical Wants! (:

Back to work for me!

I woke up pretty early considering I slept at 2.30am. Passed my friend Whimsical Wants’ reversible dress from the last collection. He bought it for his girlfriend. Aww, how sweet! (:

Working hard on my Business Processes term paper. And guess what? I’m wearing another one of my favourite Whimsical Wants top ❤



Review: Whimsical Wants – Pale Yellow Weaved Top

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