Whimsical Wants Collection 18: Review – Laine Stripes Cardigan

It’s been a crazy December holiday. For me, it’s been all about training for my upcoming fight on the 14th of January!

School is starting in a week for me. I miss school, I don’t miss studying. Hahaha! And if you are like me, the thought of choosing what to wear in the mornings can be pretty daunting. I’ve actually been ALMOST late for class because I couldn’t make up my mind about what to wear for the day 😛

Whimsical Wants‘ 18th Collection will definitely solve my woes! With the thermostat turned really low in the seminar rooms, I decided to keep the lovely red striped cardigan for myself.

I’ve already worn this several times. It’s now officially my favourite cardigan! The material is really soft, you’ll love it for sure! It keeps me nice and warm. In fact, I just wore it to the movies today! I’ve received a few compliments regarding this cardigan already. I think it’s the colour. The red is really vibrant and I love the contrasting black and white. The buttons are also functional, so button up if you wish (:

This picture was taken when I returned from TAB. Had a meet and greet with Kyle Patrick (lead singer of The Click Five). He’s really an amazing musician. He plays at least 3 instruments and he has such a great voice as well. He’s also really tall. At least 190cm!

Me acting goofy. Peiyi asked me to act “drunk”, I think I fail miserably! Hahaha. She bought these glowing specs from Daiso. She gave one to Kyle! And again, me in Laine Stripes Cardigan! (:

Kyle was nice enough to really meet and greet every single one of us! He’s not one of those stuck up celebs. Caught this picture on my iPhone. Hehe.

Was a great night spent with great company! Oh, I also caught some goodies he threw into the crowd (right at me, I swear!).

Ok enough of Kyle!

Here are my other picks for the upcoming collection:

Natalya Duo Tone Top

I have this from the previous collection in mint. This time, it’s back in baby pink and nude. I love both colours! An extremely versatile piece. I can think of at least 4 ways to wear this! Comes with anti-slip as well (:

Shanelle Ruched Top

I love the coral! Personally, I love babydoll tops. Very girly, very pretty (: The ruching at the bust is also flattering!

Collection 18 is launching at 4 January, 8pm! Remember to like and share the album as well! A lucky winner will win a $10 voucher from Whimsical Wants and every one else gets $2 off each item purchased. How great a deal is that? (:

Whimsical Wants Collection 18: Review – Laine Stripes Cardigan

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