Review: Whimisical Wants – Phillidia Sweetheart Dress

This was the very first dress I tried on during the photoshoot. Somehow, I was really drawn to the vibrance of this shade of pink! This shall be another one of my visiting dresses for Chinese New Year (:


I’m not sure the exact material of this dress, but I really like it! It’s thick and is unlikely to fur after a few washes, so it’s probably going to last a long long time! For those who own Adel (read my review here), it’s the same material used.

The straps of the dress make it much more unique! I wished the straps were a little shorter but it’s just me, I’m tiny so it should be fine for most! I paired it with a belt for more definition, but it’s really pretty even without.

I promise you’ll not regret this buy! 😀

Here are my other favourites from Collection 20: Our Loveliest Wants


Love the laser cut detail around the neckline. No need to accessorize for this dress! Quality is great too and I would definitely wear it for more formal occasions.


 Would’ve kept it but I can’t keep everything ): Sad sad… Love the mint/jade colour and the not-too-low neckline.


A really lightweight chiffon colourblock top that comes in 2 colours, fuschia and green. But fuschia is definitely my choice!

If you haven’t really heard, Whimsical Wants will be at NUS for the NUS Fashion Bazaar this Friday (20 January) so please drop by! Lots of pretty clothes, including unreleased items will be available. You can also self-collect your new clothes in time for Chinese New Year!

Here are the details:

Date: Friday 20th Jan 2012
Venue: NUS Central Forum
 Booth 4 (look at floor plan attached)
Time: 12pm – 5pm

Collection 20 will be launching in about an hour’s time! Get ready! (:

Review: Whimisical Wants – Phillidia Sweetheart Dress

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