A Surprise at Group Therapy

This is a long overdue post, but I have finally stopped procrastinating found time to write it!

I was supposed to meet Hann Khee for brunch at Group Therapy. We walked from Tanjong Pagar MRT to the cafe. I must say, I really love the buildings in the vicinity. Those short shophouses, freshly painted in a multitude of colours. Really a pretty sight.





What was supposed to be a brunch date turned out to be a surprise! Claire appeared out of nowhere and I was shocked but really happy to see her again. I didn’t even know she was back from Australia! So a reunion with what’s left of our Bondue clique 🙂

We had a hard time choosing what to order, simply because the menu just looks too good. My initial plan was to order the organic granola & muesli bowl with yogurt and fresh fruits because I’m used to having fruits for breakfast every morning. However, after seeing what the tables beside us were eating, I changed my mind! On my left were two men; one of them was having the grilled ham & cheese panini and when he bit into it… Food porn indeed. I was set to order that panini.




Grilled ham & cheese Panini with swiss button mushrooms, tomatoes, mozzarella cheese – $16

The stringy mozzarella totally made my day. The amount of ingredients in the panini may not look like much, but the taste is spot on. And with a hint of rosemary, it was a killer panini. The sandwiches at Group Therapy are served with a salad (that comes with yummy couscous) and chips. The chips were so good, we were wondering if they made their own. But apparently they don’t. They were very lightly salted and they just didn’t seem like store-bought ones.


Roasted Almond Latte – $6.50

We asked for recommendations, and their Roasted Almond Latte is a house specialty. Hann Khee ordered it and I took a sip. Very impressed. Definitely one of the better lattes around. It doesn’t leave a sour aftertaste that some coffees have, and the almond aroma is strong. I could sniff it forever. I believe it was already sweetened, maybe with almond syrup, so we didn’t have to add any sugar. Personally, I’m not one to have latte with sugar. However, when it comes to local brews, I go for kopi-c siu dai.

Claire ordered the Mint Hot Chocolate, but I think they gave her the regular Hot Chocolate instead. No hint of mint at all, and rather disappointing anyway. The hot chocolate wasn’t rich and creamy. A little too diluted.


Smoked salmon avocado sandwich with cream cheese, avocado slices & rocket leaves – $18

This sandwich was huge! And much more stuffed than my panini. You can’t go wrong with smoked salmon and cream cheese, I guess. I’d skip the avocado though. Just way too much fat in one sandwich, albeit healthy fats. Or maybe I’m just not too big a fan of avocado. I just get sick of it after a while. Hann Khee didn’t finish the sandwich, because he ordered two additional poached eggs (for $3), and just because he loves poached eggs. They, apparently, are “like a symphony playing” in his mouth.

PS. This smoked salmon avocado sandwich photo won me photo-of-the-day in the OpenRice #Makanhunt Instagram contest 😀 I wonder what my prize is!


Poached eggs with thick toast, smoked salmon, gruyere, hollandaise – $15

Claire had the poached eggs and I think this may just be as good as my panini. What really made this poached egg dish stand out for me compared to other cafes is their hollandaise sauce. I can’t really start to describe it, but definitely give it a go when you’re at Group Therapy.


I’d definitely place Group Therapy among the top cafes on my list. Can’t wait to go back for more!

Group Therapy Coffee

Website: http://www.gtcoffee.com/

49 Duxton Road, #02-01

Singapore 089513

Tel: 62222554

Love, Maddie

A Surprise at Group Therapy

3 thoughts on “A Surprise at Group Therapy

    1. You should really try it! I think you’d like it. They have really good pies as well. We wanted to try it but it was sold out! Go try it and blog about it. I love reading your blog. And your photos are much better than mine. I still have no idea how to use my camera haha!

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